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Use ibooka for just about any reservation, appointment, booking or service purchase requirement.  See the live demonstration systems. 

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, making bookings and reservations for people throughout the world

 Your own Online Booking System that will only ever cost "Pennies Per Booking" when you get Customers

ibooka is a comprehensive, full function online booking, reservation and registration system for all types of clubs, associations and businesses

Ibooka is hosted by ibooka so there are no hardware or hidden running costs.  It is a personalised online booking web site for any size business, organisation, club or chain.  The only ongoing usage cost works out at a few pennies per booking .

All the functionality of a comprehensive online and offline booking system, as can be seen in our Frequently Asked Questions section, with a simple and transparent charging structure!  In fact the biggest challenge for ibooka is that ibooka's customers always look for the "catch" and that's why ibooka is provided with a completed free, no obligation trial for our customers to try the system out and see how well it helps improve service and footfall in their business.

Ibooka will even set up a trial system for you free of charge, assist with configuration questions and provide free "hand holding" at any time.  There are many booking systems available worldwide but only one that is so simple to setup and use !  Try ibooka right now for free and without obligation, if you find that it helps your business or club then continue to use it and pay just a few pennies for each actual booking or reservation that your customers make.  If you change your mind, just stop using the system and there are no costs or obligations.  For a more detailed explanation see our what is ibooka page or contact us and try out your own ibooka site now, you have nothing to lose and potentially cost savings, customers service improvements and new business to gain ?

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All of these businesses, organisations,  and many more use ibooka for their online booking system

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We are all used to booking flights and hotels on the internet, but why can't we also book on the internet a round of golf at our local golf club ? a game of tennis at the tennis court, a driving lesson, a service for our car, the bouncy castle for the kids party, an appointment at the dentist, a lane at the local bowling alley, the doctor, the vet for our pets, meeting rooms at a business centre, a session at the local health club, a squash court, the table by the window in our favourite restaurant, etc.

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Giving Back

ibooka's good causes program provides charities and registered good causes with completely free temporary ibooka systems to assist with events.  ibooka will even customise these sites for you.  Please Contact Us for further details.


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