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ibooka, which is a trading name of Biznic Limited, is a specialist IT company providing the products and ASP service for any organization to provide a bespoke booking, reservation and appointment service to their customers online via their own web site.

Please email us if you have any questions.  ibooka is promoted around the world by companies and part time sales agents, please consider if you would like to supplement your income promoting ibooka in your community.



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 Tel +44 (0)191 645 3006

ibooka Head Office
Garden House,
Lumley Thicks
Durham, DH3 4HF

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Examples of ibooka use:

Golf Courses
Tennis Courts
Bouncy Castle Rental
Squash Courts
Veterinarian appointments
Car Rental
Training Courses
Dentist appointments
Hotel and Apartments
Driving Lessons
Garage appointments
Health Clubs
Football Pitch Rental
School Parents Evening
Doctors Surgery
Cinema Tickets
Restaurant Bookings
Any Sports Activity
and on and on

Use ibooka for just about any reservation, appointment, booking or service purchase requirement
.  View more detail on the example uses on our Solutions Page.


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